You've Saved the Company Millions... What's Next?

Posted by David Kuketz on May 27, 2020

How the CFO Uses Returns from Investments

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9-Step Checklist for World-Class Enterprise Asset Management

Posted by Georgios Galanakis on May 1, 2020

Why Enterprise Asset Management?

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14 Major Differences Between SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

Posted by Utopia Marketing on April 14, 2020

SAP S/4HANA is SAP's ERP for large enterprises. It is the successor of SAP R/3 and SAP ERP and is optimized for SAP's in-memory database SAP HANA. SAP S/4HANA represents a paradigm shift from transactional systems that simply record data, toward instead providing end-users active decision support in real-time based on data from both internal and external sources.

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Whitepaper:  Strategic Value Management - Valuing Data-Driven Business Outcomes

Posted by David Kuketz on April 6, 2020

Data is incredibly flexible, reusable, extendable, and when leveraged as an asset in your company with greater usage, higher frequency and velocity it becomes highly valuable. Utopia Strategic Value Management (SVM) helps to examine the value of data and chart a course to creating more economic value, improve agility and increase speed of business.

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Plant Maintenance: Did you Forget About the Data?

Posted by Utopia Marketing on March 31, 2020

Plant Maintenance_

I have spent my entire career working in the realm of “Plant Maintenance” systems: from homegrown systems, back in my old programming days, to SAP. The software that almost all major companies across multiple industries use. This I know as I have spent the last 22 years doing more SAP implementations than I can count. In all that time, there has always been one area that has really bugged me, and at times even caused me to upset a few people along the way.  I get on my soapbox and nag, scream (not literally) and jump up and down to call attention to the fact this should be the very first thing any company should start cleaning up. That area is DATA.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to watch as companies spend millions of dollars on consulting firms to help guide them through all the steps, and there are hundreds of those, to get the “new” system up and running. Yet for some reason, they do not stop to really pay attention to the actual data that gets loaded into it. Especially when it come to the details of the equipment used to produce their product and the materials it takes to keep that equipment running.

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SVM Blog #4: Disruptive Technologies - Creating Huge Value via Data Strategy, Data Quality, Data Migration and Data Governance

Posted by David Kuketz on March 3, 2020

SVM Blog #4_ Disruptive Technologies - Creating Huge Value via Data Strategy, Data Quality, Data Migration and Data Governance

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Start Your Innovation Journey – Without Risk

Posted by Todd Hall on February 20, 2020

Innovation Journey

In so many asset-intensive organizations, the integrity of the maintenance data is imperative to the success of the financial, operational, compliance, and EH&S operations. In most organizations, data managers are aware of a possible level, accuracy, and completeness of the data set. To manage the issues, most create a continual and manual process to review and cleanse, repeating the process over and over.

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Measure Data Quality Impacts to Your Business

Posted by David Kuketz on February 6, 2020

SVM BLOG #3_ Measure Data Quality Impacts to Your Business

The four (4) key data quality (DQ) dimensions are completeness, consistency, conformity, and consolidation (uniqueness). Data quality can be improved via cleansing (normalization, standardization), classification/coding, creation (enrichment, enhancement, construction), and consolidation (deduplication). Once you get data clean, you need to keep it clean. Perfect data equals perfect business (assuming people, process, and technology are not potential sources of failure).

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Data Creates Huge Value - What is the Value of Your Data?

Posted by David Kuketz on January 14, 2020

“I cannot figure out the value of my data!” Exactly! Art or science, theoretical. Few have connected the value of data to the value of a business or shown causality of quantitative improvement in Data Quality (DQ) to a measurable increase in business outcomes. If a race car team has a new motor with more output than the previous generation (or competitors), should they use the same fuel or improve the fuel quality to maximize the output of the new motor? The answer is, it depends on what the motor requires; that may determine whether they win races, or not.

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Data as a Digital Foundation to the Digital Transformation and Move to S/4HANA

Posted by David Kuketz on October 11, 2019

Today, companies are moving at the speed of thought, moving the needle on the KPIs for the outcomes that make them great companies. Great companies provide optimized customer experience management (CX) and operational excellence (OX), not to mention accurate, real-time reporting with full transparency of information to stakeholders.

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