Whitepaper:  Strategic Value Management - Valuing Data-Driven Business Outcomes

Posted by David Kuketz on April 6, 2020

Data is incredibly flexible, reusable, extendable, and when leveraged as an asset in your company with greater usage, higher frequency and velocity it becomes highly valuable. Utopia Strategic Value Management (SVM) helps to examine the value of data and chart a course to creating more economic value, improve agility and increase speed of business.

READ MORE about how strategic value management can be leveraged to help define your data driven path forward…

Click below to read a full Whitepaper on Valuing Data-Driven Business Outcomes.

SVM Whitepaper

Topics: big data, Data Quality, IoT, data migration, EIM, SAP MDG, Strategic Value Management, The Intelligent Enterprise, Business Tranformation, Master Data Management, data cleansing

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