SAP Software Implementation

Utopia provides a full portfolio of professional services for strategy and implementation of SAP's EIM suite of products, including SAP Master Data Governance (MDG), SAP Information Steward (SAP IS), SAP Data Services (SAP DS), and SAP Power Designer. As early adopters of this technology stack, Utopia brings accelerators, industry practitioners, and time-tested methodologies to our customers. Our packaged services will help you maximize the return on investment for your SAP software and corporate data assets.

Utopia SAP Software Implementation

Utopia is SAP’s most experienced implementation partner for SAP Master Data Governance. We are also SAP’s only development partner for MDG, including the creation of two SAP Solution Extensions by Utopia for Enterprise Asset Management and Retail & Fashion Management.  In the Master Data Governance arena, Utopia focuses solely on helping clients deploy SAP Master Data Governance across Material, Supplier, Customer, Financials, EAM, and Retail (Article). SAP MDG ensures data integrity across both SAP and non-SAP systems and is an integrated foundation for optimized business processes leading to higher productivity with trusted data, ensuring consistency, and saving time and money.

Utopia SAP Software Implementation Benefits

With Utopia as your SAP services provider, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Deploy the most experience SAP MDG consultants to your projects
  • Leverage years of development of best practices for the management of the highest quality master data

  • Gain access to some of the best subject matter experts in SAP retail and plant maintenance processes

  • Ensure the master data track of your project gets the focus it deserves as the foundation to all SAP transactions

How Utopia Can Help

  • Proven Track Record: Utopia has done more deployments of MDG globally than any other SAP partner

  • Experienced Domain Experts: Utopia has a breadth of SMEs in areas like EAM, plant maintenance, supply chain, utilities, oil and gas, chemical, and retail to guide your business users on best practices and processes

  • Mature and Modern Methodologies: Utopia is leading the off-site resource game with a Center of Excellence full of consultants to assist with economic extraction, cleansing, and loading of data, in addition to implementing the solution itself and employing technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • SAP Development Partner: Utopia is one of the few trusted Solution Extension developers for SAP, which means they trust us to extend their core products out to the market

  • Packaged Approach: Utopia offers a faster, smoother, and templatized approach for MDG deployments, upgrades, and customizations


Implementation Services for:
  • SAP Master Data Governance

  • SAP Data Services

  • SAP Information Steward

  • Data strategy consulting

  • Data cleansing and enrichment

SAP Information Steward Implementation

SAP Information Steward is a data quality analysis toolset that can enable Business and IT users to monitor and manage the enterprise data quality from multiple data sources and systems. Also, the tool helps empower data stewards with a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets. The apparatus comprises of Data Insight, Metapedia, Metadata Manager, Cleansing Package Builder, and Match Review modules. 

Benefits of Data Profiling:

  • Provides dashboards for data quality profiling and ongoing monitoring of data quality scores
  • Provides the insight and knowledge on the consistency and trustworthiness of data
  • Provides the ability to trace data quality issues down to the root cause for multiple data domains
  • Monitor SAP and non-SAP data using custom business rules for multiple data sources

SAP Data Services Implementation

The SAP Data Services product provides a bird's-eye view of your organization's data quality. This involves analyzing the quality of your business' current data set and understanding the rules for creating, classifying, and consolidating data into a single repository as a usable and manageable asset for your organization. We focus on world-class implementations of SAP Data Services for our customers.


  • Uncovering cost savings by avoiding excess inventory and overruns

  •  Understanding the “have to, should, and could” changes to your strategic data assets

  • Removing duplicates in data that hinder essential business decisions

  • Ensuring that your organization migrates all the data it needs, but not the information it doesn’t

  • Uncovering data that can be decommissioned and archived

  • Training employees to manage data to not only “get the data clean,“ but “keep it clean” going forward

  • Assuring across the entire organization that proper controls are in place to manage data long term

  •  Making better, smarter, and more efficient business decisions that are based on accurate data

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia utilizes its accelerators and standard SAP implementation methodology to implement SAP Data Services. This ensures successful project execution to remediate critical data quality issues.