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Utopia. A Top 5 Global SAP Solution Extension Partner.

Utopia is a global SAP Solution Extension and Consulting Partner. SAP and Utopia are committed to helping every customer become a best-run business. Our collective strategy is to transform businesses into agile digital enterprises, allowing them to eliminate costly disruptions, reduce enterprise-wide inefficiencies, and achieve rapid improvements and results.


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Available for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployments, Utopia Solution Extensions address multiple layers of infrastructure complexity by focusing on a build-fix-sustain data governance strategy to meet enterprise application requirements, while streamlining the acquisition and implementation of SAP solutions.

For intelligent enterprises, Utopia’s SAP Solution Extensions provide much-needed peace of mind. They connect experiences with operations in ways that drive significant value throughout the consumer, product, brand, and employee experience by elevating the performance of fundamental aspects of leading-edge digital landscapes.

SAP Solution Extension Partner

As an SAP Solution Extension partner, Utopia occupies a privileged place in the wider SAP ecosystem. SAP partners with tens of thousands of companies, but only certifies software from < 45 vendors to sell, support, and market directly as their own. Utopia has been a Solution Extension partner for over six years and continues to provide new and innovative software solutions to SAP and its customers every year.

Additionally, Utopia is SAP’s preferred partner for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. Utopia stands alone as the only partner that develops software products directly on existing SAP platforms, extending SAP’s Master Data Governance platform to support master data for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Retail and Fashion Management (RFM) domains.


Utopia’s solution extension for EAM are specifically focused on providing master data support for the SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions.

Utopia offers a further extension of the EAM domain through the availability of Asset Information Workbench (AIW) to allow seamless support for best-practice digital models and digital twins for Equipment, along with a host of other capabilities.


SAP Services

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For over 18 years, Utopia has helped SAP customers become best-run organizations by focusing on getting their data clean and keeping their data clean. Utopia offers a wide variety of data improvement services in pursuit of those goals. These services include data-centric, machine-learning driven solutions for data strategy, classification, cleansing, and enrichment.

Utopia has more experienced and dedicated data consultants than any other enterprise data provider around the globe. We are focused on the efficient, cost-effective, and robust implementations of the SAP Master Data Governance platform, as well as SAP’s suite of Enterprise Information Management products such as SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward.

Our consulting and implementation services are backed by industry-leading, customized training solutions, enabling the SAP professionals at our customer companies to better leverage their technology investments. Our S/4HANA Data Migration solutions and consulting is supported by unparalleled expertise, allowing organizations to save up to 20% on their S/4HANA deployments alongside higher user adoption rates and satisfaction levels.