Enterprise Asset Management

The Challenge

Establishing and maintaining a solid asset foundation is key to maximizing equipment uptime, decreasing spare parts costs, increasing maintenance productivity, mitigating EH&S risk, and therefore transforming the organization’s data into a strategic asset.

The Solution

Utopia facilitates the federation of critical asset information across the systems of record and ensures the quality and completeness of this master data. Utopia provides a central system to allow stakeholders to collaborate across the network of engineers, contractors, suppliers, and maintainers who ensure optimum productivity of the organization’s assets.

Utopia’s EAM master data solutions are designed to assist asset-intensive organizations in establishing and maintaining accurate digital twins of their operational assets. This challenge spans the entire asset lifecycle from capital project execution through asset retirement.


with Utopia’s data cleansing and enrichment services backed by 18 years of industry-leading experience and powered by state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities.


with SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management and Asset Information Workbench solution extensions by Utopia.



Want to reduce your maintenance-related spares costs by 10-15%?

You can achieve hard dollar savings from your MRO-related spend, increase operational efficiency, and decrease EH&S risks by removing unneeded and obsolete spare parts from your inventory.

We help you achieve this by ensuring that you have accurate, complete, and reliable information on what equipment you have, where it’s located, and what spare parts it needs

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Utopia enables hard-dollar cost takeout from your bottom-line by removing unneeded and obsolete spare parts from your inventory.

We achieve this by ensuring that you have accurate, complete, and reliable information on what equipment you have, where it’s located, and what spare parts it needs.

Utopia’s unique solution combines 18 years of industry know-how, a rich reference library, cutting-edge data collection, and Machine Learning technology to deliver high-quality results in extremely short timeframes, with returns often achieved in less than nine months.

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Operational Efficiency


Want to Increase your wrench time by 25%?
Want to increase your equipment uptime by 10%?
Want to improve your first call resolution by 25%?

Utopia has helped many global asset-intensive companies increase their operational efficiency by ensuring their maintainers are working on the right equipment at the right place, with the right spare parts. In addition, this will lead to increased wrench time by at least 25%, first call resolution improvements in a similar amount, and increase equipment uptime by 10%.

From our analysis of actual customer data, we have found that only 8% of equipment records contain make/model, only 4% of those have a BoM attached, and less than 10% of required spares are available. Utopia allows you to achieve the 25/25/10 improvement by working to ensure all of your field assets are properly represented in your Plant Maintenance system. We then make sure it’s in the right functional location, with a complete spare parts Bill of Materials (BoM). Finally, we ensure all maintenance plans & task lists are aligned and available.

Synchronize Operational and Engineering Systems


Want a 10% improvement in plant productivity by synchronizing your maintenance and engineering systems?

Utopia and Hexagon help companies do exactly that by ensuring that all engineers, maintainers and operators make informed decisions based upon accurate and complete asset information. As a result, companies can realize a 25% improvement in maintenance productivity and significant reductions of EH&S risks.

Assets are continually changing. Systems of record, like SAP and Hexagon, need to be continually updated to reflect these changes. Without the ability to automatically manage and integrate these systems, engineering and asset data becomes incomplete and inaccurate.

Asset information is often siloed and locked in paper engineering documents and “unintelligent” drawing files. Utopia and Hexagon correct and update this engineering data, then synchronize it to related asset information in the Plant Maintenance system. This can result in a 10% improvement in plant productivity and a substantial reduction in environmental health and safety (EH&S) risks.

Most companies realize an ROI in <9mo! One way to get started is to look at your engineering and maintenance data, at no charge, to see how you benchmark for completeness, accuracy, and synchronization. Want to take advantage of that or speak with an SME to learn more?


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