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Posted by Todd Hall on February 20, 2020

Innovation Journey

In so many asset-intensive organizations, the integrity of the maintenance data is imperative to the success of the financial, operational, compliance, and EH&S operations. In most organizations, data managers are aware of a possible level, accuracy, and completeness of the data set. To manage the issues, most create a continual and manual process to review and cleanse, repeating the process over and over.

At Utopia Global, we are your go-to to begin the journey to innovation. In your organization’s mission, Utopia can dramatically reduce the risk associated with Master Data for Asset Governance and Management. Quite simply, the “no regrets” journey begins with a master data review. We can start with a health assessment of your data domains (usually in just a short few weeks). Whether we start small or big, we can provide a true understanding of the current state of asset data, ultimately providing your organization a clear roadmap for improvement. The resulting analysis offers you a detailed action plan to achieve correct, complete data. You are restoring your real value of perfect data.

Customers achieve benefits that are direct and impactful. 

  • Increase productive working time by eliminating waiting for materials and tools for maintenance
  • Correct size working inventory, eliminating obsolete, duplicated inventory of spares
  • Drive out the manual processes
  • Increase plant and system availability
  • Reduce EH&S risks, with the right equipment and spares

Contact us to understand how we can work with you and team, to begin you clean data journey!

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