Strategic Consulting:
Data Governance and
Change Management

Utopia’s Strategic Consulting practice provides a holistic approach to transformative technology, focusing on the improvement of the people and processes affected. Our practice was founded on the principle that technology empowers people to succeed.

Strategic consultants possess years of experience with data management, change management, and process redesign within a wide variety of industries. Utilizing our backgrounds, we can identify areas for improvement using tried and true best practices.

Utopia’s strategic consultants have unsurpassed expertise in implementing a Data Governance Framework, training, knowledge transfer, and other functional consulting that supports your business transformation when applied to stakeholders and critical processes.

Strategic Change Enablement directly aligns concepts of change management to the implementation of technology. Through workshops, our consultants identify areas of need to support this critical program within the organization, empowering stakeholders to accept and champion the changes to their areas.

Utopia’s Strategic Data Assessment program identifies the gaps between current state methods and future state needs through interviews and analysis. Data governance and change management concepts are key outcomes of this program, which also hits key areas of business readiness for a master data technical transformation.

Other areas of assessment within strategic consulting include the Utopia Data Health Assessment (DHA) - a quantitative approach to identifying current state data quality issues, and Change Enablement Health Checks, which provide an expert view of your organizational readiness for enterprise technology transformations.

Features of Utopia Strategic Consultants:

  • Trusted advisors with decades of experience supporting transformational programs
  • Thought leaders capable of providing a holistic view of your organization's investment leveraging technology to empower your staff and improve your end-to-end process
  • Eager participants who will roll their sleeves up and become members of your project team, with a sole focus on your success
  • Will assist in the critical decisions to be made around the people and processes of the side of your technology implementation
  • Are data-driven critical thinkers, providing resources and peace of mind for your organization's master data programs today, tomorrow, and in the future


The best training isn't prescriptive. It's customized to meet your needs.  Utopia leverages industry-leading expertise and our position as SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) partner of choice to deliver world-class training.

Not only is data an asset to your organization, but so are the people who manage it.  Equipping your data professionals with the right combination of course content and instructions is essential to enhance their overall learning experience.  What makes their education even more impactful is the ability for them to learn from real-world examples, including data.  Utopia's SAP® Data Services and Information Steward software training offers all of the above, plus two courses on data integration and quality.  These classes focus on the use of SAP Data Services solutions, along with complimentary classes.  Participants will be able to build their skill sets and extract value from their data integration.

Going Above and Beyond

The Utopia advantage of these private classes is the ability for them to be augmented with custom content and the ability to utilize your data. Also, four add-on course modules exist to enhance the training and prepare your data integration and migration staff for complex projects.

Add-On Course Modules



Customized Courses

To extend the learning process, Utopia instructors can work with you to create customized course material above and beyond the two core classes and four add-on modules.


  • Trusted advisors and thought leaders across all aspects of a transformational program
  • Eager participants who will roll their sleeves up and become members of your project team, with a sole focus for your success 
  • Domain experts that bring decades of experience working with past clients and other SAP ecosystem firms


Training your SAP team is an invaluable investment that continues to reap benefits now and into the future. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces project risks
  • Minimizes project costs
  • Maximizes your return on investment
  • Improves collaboration
  • Maintains your competitive advantage