Strategic Value Management

High-quality data propels profitability. Utopia Strategic Value Management (SVM) is focused on providing clients and potential clients with a detailed analysis of the business value that can be achieved by improving their data quality.

Often clients know or have a “gut” feeling they have bad data. They feel it is the cause of many business issues, but they have difficulty articulating it, and they don’t have the justification and information to back it up. This makes it difficult to justify and support large data quality programs. SVM empowers clients with the projected benefits they can attain, enabling them to build the business case and secure funding.

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Why Engage SVM?

SVM helps to improve the vision of the end-to-end solution, the capabilities provided and the estimated benefits to your company. This can be done before a large digital or business transformation project, or before a smaller focused program designed for one business process area. SVM can provide post-go-live analysis and periodic, continual analysis to remeasure and assess the value received. You are then equipped to justify your investment and understand further actions that could be taken to maximize value in future phases.

What Does SVM Provide?

SVM provides an outside-in Benefit Estimation and Analysis Report that informs you of the potential benefits of improving your data quality. Utilizing a Data Health Assessment (DHA), we can provide accurate estimates of the potential benefits and value you could expect and make recommendations on how to get your data clean and keep it clean in the most efficient ways possible.