Utopia Data Governance Accelerator (uDGA)

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uDGA™ dramatically reduces the overall time and cost for SAP Master Data Governance implementations. uDGA achieves this by delivering the required industry standard, ready-to-use, pre-configured content in a broad bundled offering. As a result, customers can expect a 40% reduction in implementation timelines and costs and can achieve the benefit of a live SAP MDG solution in as little as 12 weeks.

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Features & Benefits


uDGA's pre-configured content has been curated and mined from 18 years of successful data transformation experience across industries for SAP and non-SAP environments.

uDGA includes:

  • 200+ ready-to-use business rules and workflows across data domains
  • Pre-built taxonomies for MRO materials and equipment (ISO-14224 compliant)
  • Access to Utopia’s Asset Data Reference library for standardized, enriched content for equipment and MRO materials
  • Easy-to-use software to simplify mass upload and data quality remediation
  • Industry-specific content across multiple verticals



  • Simplified scope and deployment
  • Pre-configured content mined from 18 years of successful implementation projects
  • 40% reduction in the implementation timeline
  • Ready to use in as little as 12 weeks
  • Reduced implementation costs


  • MDG Configurator and LaunchPad
  • uMDG Project Implementation Documentation
  • uBIPS (Best Industry Practices Solution for MDG Library)
  • uDQR (Data Quality Remediation/Integration IS-MDG)
  • uXLoader (Mass Upload Tool for MDG)
  • uDM (Data Migration Best Practices Library)
  • uMDG+ (Material Master Auto Description Generation)
  • uMRO (MRO Materials Taxonomy)
  • uEQUI (Asset Data ISO-14224 Equipment Standards)
  • uMRDL (MRO Materials Repository)
  • uADRL (Asset Data Repository Library)

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