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Photograph Your Asset Labels and Extract the Data: Yes, It’s That Easy

Utopia Marketing | June 16, 2021 | 2 min read

Mastering your asset data can feel like an overwhelming and massive undertaking. And in many regards, it is. However, with the right partners and the right solutions, you can break down this monumental project into simple steps. And most importantly, you can sustain your cleansed data for the long-term, so that you never have to climb this mountain again. 

Build. Fix. Sustain. That is our methodology. But before you can cleanse your master data — remove duplicate entries, amend errors, fill in missing information, and so on — you first must build your master data library.  

Gathering Asset Data: Where to Start? 

In order to build a complete (and therefore accurate) picture of all your assets, the primary challenge is establishing an accurate master equipment list.  We understand that an organization’s operational assets are constantly being modified due to planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance, shutdowns, turnarounds and capital projects.  As a result, we frequently find that 20% of an organization’s assets are not represented in their maintenance system.  Additionally, 10% of the assets in their maintenance system are not in the field.  And 30% of the assets in the maintenance system incorrectly describe the assets in the field.   

Master Data as a Service (MDaaS) – Capture allows you to establish a baseline of accurate data by performing a physical survey of your assets.  MDaaS Capture streamlines this traditionally cumbersome walkdown process by photographic field data collection.   

Master Data as a Service Capture: Snap Your Way to a Complete Asset Data Library 

 Master Data as a Service Capture, powered by ORDITAL, is an easy-to-use mobile application that connects to a larger platform. As the name implies, MDaaS Capture is our solution for capturing your asset data quickly and effectively, with as little effort on your end as taking a photo with a cellphone.  

Capture is an app that functions for iOS, Android and Windows devices and it works with or without internet connectivity. It’s so user-friendly, even the most junior employee can be fully trained on how to use it in under an hour. Which means they can quickly head out into the field and begin taking classified photos of your asset labels and nameplates.  

Smart Mobile App for Asset Data 

We know what you’re thinking: “Our asset labels are filthy. They’re damaged, they’re greasy, they’re weather-beaten and faded. What good is a photo of an illegible asset tag?” 

Well, you’re right to ask that question. A whole series of unreadable pictures wouldn’t be of value at all. Fortunately, we’ve spent many years refining our Capture solution to leverage machine learning, image recognition, and crowdsourcing to extract data from the photo arrays to create quality asset records. Put it through its paces; you’ll be surprised by the quality of the data it can extract from well-worn and grimy asset labels that have seen better days.  

The result is a complete as-built equipment list. From there, your master data “project” can move onto the Enrich and Connect portions of our solution — where your data is cleansed and sustained. 

Easily Photograph Asset Tags and Extract the Asset Data 

Before you can cleanse and classify your master data, you first have to capture it. Make the task a little less daunting by putting a familiar tool in your maintenance technician’s hands: a cellphone. As simple as snapping a picture, your team can quickly pull the data from dusty and worn labels or nameplates. Then sit back, and let our solution do the rest. 

For more information about MDaaS Capture, please check out our videos on YouTube.

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