Leveraging Asset Information and Data Governance to Drive Asset Uptime

Posted by Utopia Marketing on September 13, 2019

Confused about how to use SAP’s MDG-EAM and SAP’s Asset Information Workbench (AIW) capabilities with SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management solutions? Let’s discuss how the solutions complement each other to help organizations ensure complete, trustworthy, and accurate master data.

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3 Hot Topics from SAP-Centric EAM 2017

Posted by Utopia Marketing on March 9, 2017

This week, Utopia headed to Huntington Beach, CA for SAP-Centric EAM. Here is a few of the most talked-about topics of the week:

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What's the difference between SAP® Master Data Governance and SAP NetWeaver™ Master Data Management?

Posted by Utopia Marketing on March 22, 2016

apple-and-orange-suvro-datta.jpgOne of the key differences, and I’m being very transparent here, is that SAP® NetWeaver™ Master Data Management is no longer going to be supported by SAP in the future. Everything is moving over to SAP Master Data Governance. From an apples to apples comparison of what is available to do in there the SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management platform is primarily used for you to start from scratch, build out what’s going to be governed, and how it is going to be governed. From a Master Data Governance (MDG) perspective your customers, suppliers, materials, products, financials, and assets are now provided to you with the best practices for your industry to start to put in place the foundation. In turn allowing you to now integrate them into that what your key business rules are, workflows, and approval process that you currently need to follow for your practices. It really moves you ahead much further in the governance practices right out of the gate.

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Operational Excellence in Heavy Asset Industries

Posted by Utopia Marketing on October 22, 2014

Life as a plant manager can be a daily challenge. You are responsible for a smooth running operation which includes uptime, periodic maintenance, flawless production, operational efficiencies, and regulatory and safety compliance. In addition to trying to maintain the integrity of reporting and decision support systems at the same time. No wonder it takes a special kind of talent to run a multi-million dollar plant. This special talent remains hostage to accurate asset information.

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