3 Hot Topics from SAP-Centric EAM 2017

Utopia Marketing | March 09, 2017 | 2 min read

This week, Utopia headed to Huntington Beach, CA for SAP-Centric EAM. Here is a few of the most talked-about topics of the week:

1) Asset management is more important than ever in an increasingly connected world.

Hans Thalbauer, Senior Vice President, Extended Supply Chain and IoT at SAP, presented on March 7 and it was all about asset management and logistics in a connected world.

Technology is enabling connectivity and it’s powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics and the need to transform asset management practices. The creation and real-time analysis of data and collaboration across an organization throughout the asset lifecycle will ultimately lead to better asset outcomes.

SAP continued to drive home their expertise in the space, playing off their launch (about a year ago) of SAP® Asset Intelligence Network and the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution to help equipment manufacturers, service providers and asset operators benefit from IoT.

Learn more about this topic: Redefining Asset Management in the Digital World

2) It’s all about SAP Leonardo.

SAP's new innovation portfolio, Leonardo, connects data from moving assets. This solution, initially announced in mid-January, is the first big move in SAP’s dedication to “go big” with their 2.2 billion dollar investment in all things IoT.

From SAP’s Leonardo Innovation Portfolio: The massive numbers of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices (“Things”) will change the way we do business forever. The journey a company takes to get from “Things to Outcomes” is becoming the catalyst for digitization. IoT is not necessarily new to most companies. However, most are collecting and storing the data and may also have the ability to visualize it. With SAP Leonardo, our endeavor is to provide an innovative solution portfolio that enables companies to not only realize digital transformation of existing end-to-end business processes, but also enable them to evolve new business models to run digitally.

Learn more about SAP Leonardo: SAP Leonardo – Empowering Live Business by Connecting Things with People and Processes

3) If you’re not thinking about the digital transformation, you’re going to be left behind.

There is increasing pressure on CIOs to lead their organization into the future – a focus on digital transformation which overshadows previous large scale IT initiatives. It’s no longer enough to maintain standard operations. CIOs are now on the hot-seat to deliver increased efficiency, accelerated access to data and real-time, data-driven insights.

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey results in Digitising IT (presented in a clever infographic), 35% of line-of-business executives encourage the notion of having IT play a more active or leading role in digital initiatives.


The Utopia Team had a great week at #SAPEAM and are ready for our next show, International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas and Utilities this April in Lisbon, Portugal. 

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