We have spent more than 10 years leading large scale and global data-related projects at some of the largest companies in the world. Relationships matter, our model below is a technique we like to use to create a positive partner relationship with our client companies. Our behavior reflects our operating principles; our focus is on top priorities and deliverable quality is first and foremost. Predictability, Value, and Progress are the core structure important to all Utopia projects and fundamentally key to achieving customer success. Predictability;

  • Ensure quality of service and avoid service escalations
  • Quality and stability of service will always take precedence over making the schedule
  • Provide and institutionalize a delivery scorecard and project track prioritized based on the Utopia contract Statement of Work.
  • Definition of success comes from a reference-able customer point of view

Value; while stability is the priority, our aim is to keep within the project affordability model.

  • Provide functionality/data governance equal to or better than legacy.
  • Utopia will not compromise on critical requirements necessary to reach the client vision
  • Align ourselves to how the client works.
  • Security and compliance are paramount and resources are dedicated to ensure that requirements are adhered to.
  • Clear defined approach utilizing Utopias methodology and SAP best practices.


  • Preservation of the Value Case - Meeting cost savings goals, reliance on set schedule for success
  • Interaction with client on other priorities should be focused at providing clear, prioritized requirements, being responsive, and staying off of their critical path.
  • One Team –One Target: effective collaboration to achieve project success

The best way of ensuring success is to get a good start. Enterprise information management projects involve numerous internal and external stakeholders and the relationships are complex and as a result, it is paramount to create the best possible environment and working atmosphere for success.