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Utopia Global, Inc. is a leading software and services company for end-to-end data quality, data migration, and data governance solutions. Utopia’s “build, fix, and sustain” approach helps organizations get their data clean and keep it clean so that critical business decisions are based on high-quality, reliable data.  

Utopia understands the importance of operating a business with clean, accurate, and actionable data. We have in-depth retail industry knowledge in data management and data governance and serve some of the largest retail and fashion organizations worldwide. As SAP’s worldwide software partner for master data governance, Utopia is the exclusive developer of solution extensions for SAP Master Data Governance focused on enterprise asset managementretail, and fashion. Utopia‘s solutions portfolio helps organizations migrate to SAP S/4HANA® leveraging MDG as the bridge, and maintain data integrity between digital twins, across multiple systems of record. With over 18 years of innovative breakthroughs, Utopia firmly believes that “Perfect Data is Perfectly Possible.” 

Our vision is to be the unparalleled global leader in enterprise data solutions, enabling our customers to harness the power of data and unleash the full potential of their enterprise. It is our goal to earn lifelong partnerships and deliver exceptional business value to our customers by constantly innovating and implementing performance improvement objectives.

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Utopia's Quality Policy

Quality at Utopia begins and ends with the customer. Utopia’s aims at complete customer satisfaction and long term business relationship. Utopia strives and achieves continual improvements in services and processes that result in better quality, reliability, user experience, and support. Utopia understands the synergy that needs to be consciously created among people, process, and technology. This resulted in our process approach to the operations and system approach in quality management. Utopia has established, documented, implemented, and maintains a Quality ​Management System as per ISO 9001:2015 that ensures and enhances customer satisfaction. We have established the context, quality policy, objectives, procedures, training, planned audits, and management reviews. Our operations start with risk-based thinking and end after reviewing of Internal Audits. Surveillance audits are conducted to ensure sustainability and continual improvement.

Information security​​​​ at Utopia involves all stakeholders beginning with the customer and employees on either end. Utopia ensures the best possible information security that includes cybersecurity, network security, and personal data protection. While Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information are ensured, Utopia maintains and updates awareness for people, continuously review and improve of processes, and leverage technology to the extent possible. Utopia’s zero data breach history is testimony to reliability. Utopia has established, documented, implemented, and is maintaining an Information Security Management System as per ISO 27001:2013 that ensures and enhances all applicable information security controls. Our operations start with risk assessment and end after reviewing of Internal Audits. Surveillance audits ensure continual improvement and sustainability.

Utopia is ISO 9001 certified since 2007, ISO 27001 since 2019, and maintains upgraded certification.


We delight our customers by consistently delivering products and services of exceptional quality achieved through superior human resources, proprietary processes, enabling technologies, and a continually improving quality management system.


Utopia firmly believes Information is a business asset of significant value to the organization and needs to be protected from threats that could potentially disrupt business continuity. The intent of this statement is to provide a mechanism to establish procedures to protect against security threats and minimize the impact of security incidents. 

The purpose of this Policy is to protect the information assets from all threats, whether internal or external, and deliberate or accidental. 

The Policy scope covers physical and information security, such as data stored on paper, storage devices, transmitted across networks, or spoken in conversation. 

All personnel holding leadership positions are directly responsible for implementing the Policy within their functional areas and for adherence by their staff. It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to the Policy. Disciplinary processes will be applicable in those instances where staff fails to abide by this security policy. 


Information will be protected against unauthorized access 

• To protect and preserve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. 

• To comply with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual security requirements 

• To establish business continuity plans to counteract interruptions to UTOPIA critical business services. 

• To ensure a consistent and effective approach to handle information security incidents and malware. 

• To provide continuous awareness, education, and training on information security. 

All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, are reported and investigated by Information Security Team. 

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