Sync Maintenance & Engineering Data to Minimize Asset Downtime | presented by UtopiaLIVE ft. Hexagon

Utopia Marketing | August 25, 2020 |
UtopiaLIVE - Sync Maintenance and Engineering Data to Minimize Asset Downtime and Operational Disruptions | presented by UtopiaLIVE featuring Hexagon
Join Mike and Jaclyn as they share the steps you can take now to gain immediate business value from synchronizing engineering and maintenance/asset data. No need for a “big bang” approach, start small, demonstrate value and leverage for an even larger, more effective data quality program.
• Learn how accurate and compete digital twins maximize operational uptime and productivity
• Discover how synchronized engineering, asset and maintenance data maximize asset uptime and maintenance productivity
• Uncover the solutions that breakdown ‘information silos’ of engineering documents and drawings
• Learn how Utopia and Hexagon’s integrated solution suite addresses critical maintenance, engineering, and operations challenges to achieve maximum ROI in under one year
Featured Panelists: Mike Jordan, EAM Practice Leader, Utopia Global Jaclyn Arnold, VP Owner Operator, Hexagon PPM

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