Fill Your Data Governance Gap with SAP MDG for Enterprise Asset Management

Utopia Marketing | July 30, 2020 | 1 min read

SAP MDG Enterprise provides data governance for all master data domains EXCEPT enterprise asset management data. The result…your operators, maintainers and SAP Plant Maintenance system are reliant upon low quality and ungoverned data leading to reduced asset availability, lower maintenance productivity and higher MRO spares inventory costs.

The solution…SAP MDG-EAM extension by Utopia. We collaborated with SAP to create the exclusive EAM extension for MDG that fills this critical gap in governance allowing organizations to ensure they have accurate, complete, and reliable information on their assets.

Now deployed at hundreds of enterprises around the globe, SAP MDG-EAM has become a must-have solution for filling a critical gap in data governance, driving operational productivity, and taking costs out of the business. A recent customer study demonstrated a 10% improvement in asset uptime alongside a 25% improvement in maintenance productivity and 15% reduction in annual MRO spare parts inventory costs after implementing SAP MDG-EAM.

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