SAP MDG for Retail & Fashion Management, extension by Utopia


Great Business Starts With Great Master Data

Managing master data in the Retail and Fashion business can be tremendously challenging. For most SAP customers, the creation and change of articles remain a very inefficient, manual process with no clear data ownership and little to no transparency in the process. Most retailers still utilize email and spreadsheet-driven management of articles. The amount and detail of data are ever-increasing, especially with multi-channel retailing. Changing regulations and increasing interactions with a complex value chain are forcing retailers to manage article attribute more accurately, and the need for accurate data has grown significantly. Incorrect master data generates high costs across the value chain, which impacts the retailer’s bottom line.

Utopia’s Retail and Fashion Management solution extension includes pre-configured data structures, industry templates, best practices, workflows, and user interfaces, specifically for Retail master data objects.

The MDG-RFM solution is the only commercially available solution that addresses the retailers challenges related to the management of the article and its attributes. It's also a critical implementation step for any company considering a migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Features of SAP MDG Retail & Fashion Management

Every retailer faces the challenge of effectively managing the creation and retirement of retail Articles, SKUs, etc. For the first time, SAP customers have an easy and integrated way to address this issue. MDG RFM provides the flexibility for the merchandisers in the planning phase of master data. At the same time, it supports the governance model to enable the proper master data quality. The features of our MDG-RFM solution include:

  • Merchandising Category
  • Article Hierarchy
  • Image Handling (limited features)
  • Duplicate Check Capabilities
  • Article Search
  • Integration to data pool (GDSN)
  • Enabled for Vendor Portals Integration
  • Single/ Generic Articles incl. Variants
  • Structured Article (Sets, Prepacks, and Displays)
  • Characteristics Handling like Size and Color
  • Full Products & Empties
  • Reference Article Handling
  • Retail BOMs
  • Article views: Basic Data, Purchasing, Listing, POS, Sales, Logistics Store / DC
  • FMS specific views included like Basic Data: Fashion, Logistics: DC Fashion
  • Mass Data Handling (limited features)
  • Purchase Info Record Mass Import
  • Rule-Based Governance Workflow
  • Additional Validation Using BRF +
  • Defaulting / Validation
  • UI  Personalization
  • Simplified UI Per Role
  • Segmentation of inventory for Wholesale Businesses
  • Seasonality
  • Full SAP S/4HANA Compatibility
  • Supports Article Data uploads based on MS Excel including data validation and easy to understand messages and color visualization for successful/ fail entries 
  • Mass change capability of the Article Master
  • Mass approvals of change requests allowing the approver to focus on the key information and reducing clutter
  • Supports both structured and unstructured data

Benefits of SAP MDG for Retail & Fashion Management

  • Establishes a “maintain once – use everywhere” best practice
  • Reduces overall system maintenance by identifying defects early and ensures immediate compliance with corporate data standards
  • Flexible workflow capabilities allow for collaboration within the company, eliminating silos of decision-making
  • Allows the participation of external suppliers in the article creation process
  • Defines Governance of the article management process throughout the article creation process enabling required data quality
  • Reduces cost by eliminating redundant effort to maintain retail master data and avoid duplicates
  • Transparency on who has changed what, when, and why



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