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    Master Data Governance For Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

    OSS Correction Notes for EAM 9.1 (ECC and S/4HANA) 
    2587625 Consolidated Post UGI EAM 9.1 Base Code Corrections
    2591372 Issue in Creating an Equipment in MDG Replication client with User status other than default  Values
    2590796 Issue with Change in Class Status in Service Master Classification
    2596504 Issue with MPMI Work center # Multi-lingual text display
    2596695 Replication of MRO BOM trigger by CR activation: Mapping MDG key to DRF key
    2591991 UGI EAM 9.1 - FIORI OData Correction
    2598463 UGI EAM 9.1 Fiori UI Corrections
    2598726 Function Location description updated as BLANK after change
    2599292 Issue with Replication of an Equipment that has valid Workcenter attached
    2599926 Issue with derivation of maintenance and planning plant during Equipment change
    2600021 Dutch translation correction for labels Mass  and Side Panel
    2600472 Additional Code corrections for GDPR Post EAM 9.1
    2604439 Issues with Equipment Description field while performing Equipment SOP change and File Upload Create 
    2604537 IDoc is stuck with Status "64' when UGI Package is Installed in Non-MDG Transactional Systems
    2606461 Technical Error while updating  an installed equipment by providing workcenter value from Location tab
    2615285 Issue with Equipment creation having superior equipment attached in replication client

    OSS Correction Notes for UGI v7.30 SP01 (ECC and S/4HANA)
    2488720 Consolidated Post SP01 UGI3 corrections
    2495493 Consolidated Post UGI 730 SP01 base corrections 
    2499859 Consolidated post SP01 Note 2
    2506567 UGI EAM 730 Fiori UI Corrections
    2513230 UGI EAM 730 Fiori OData Corrections
    2518482 Work Center Inbound process fails with Multiple Object Processing
    2518592 Incorrect message handling for Functional Location in equipment
    2523474 Equipment status is not updating properly within MOCR for multiple status update operations

    2526325 Issue With User Status
    2526062 Replication of characteristics fails
    2527682 Floc Replication status issue, the marked line is not transferred to the status screen
    2527685 Issue with EQUI Search -> Replication Status - ID is Not transferred
    2529715 Functional Location User Status with leading 'I' fails to replicate
    2530337 Equipment category validation is missing while processing Equipment’s in Mixed MOP Change requests
    2530967 Classification IDoc is getting failed when mapping is set as not defined
    2536553 Functional Location: Search-Copy: new ID from popup is not transferred to next screen
    2537544 Functional Location User Status with leading 'I' fails to replicate
    2537893 Equipment User Status with leading 'I' fails to replicate
    2540292 Construction Type attribute was not available in MDG Change Documents for Functional location and Equipment.
    2540470 Issue with Floc-Task List Copy - Activation fails if source Floc is marked for deletion
    2546362 File Download Issue with MDG Equipment
    2549172 Usage of the Copy from the SOP UI during equipment create
    2552868 Issue in defaulting characteristics values while assigning a class in EQUI and FLOC
    2553295 Characteristics Value Search help is not showing overwritten values
    2556484 Characteristics Values not saving without pressing ENTER
    2556814 Latest Superior Functional Location is not being displayed
    2557641 UGI3 Wrong Process Code Issue
    2558839 Invalid Warning message when performing Mark for deletion of Functional Location
    2563196 Change Document does not work for Functional Location in the target system
    2577655 Handling of Recursive Equipment in MDG-EAM
    2577829 Performance Issue in CR activation for Equipment Master
    2581019 Incorrect class index in MDG EQUI & FLOC
    2582789 Functional Location Classification is not saved
    2582819 Equipment Classification is not saved
    2583572 Issue with FLOC search when alternative label is active
    2587150 Dump while sorting values of characterics
    2589058 Issue with User Status update while Changing Functional Location in MDG
    2590020 Issue with Address number and Position(floc) in the MDG replication client for Functional Location and Equipment 
    2599822 Method /UGI/MDG_BS_EAM_ACCESS=>DERIVE_REFEQUI has invalid Entity name
    2599292 Issue with Replication of an Equipment that has valid Workcenter attached
    2596827 Inconsistency in error message handling
    2597318 Issue with multiple active User status in the target system
    2602528 Issue with Equipment Hana Search when you search by Functional Location or Cost Center
    2603909 Click on Approved - 'Marked for Deletion' CR is displaying a Blank screen

    2619057 Issue with the display of characteristic dimension unit while adding ...
    2619549 Work Center Intervals and Shifts data is being cleared
    2626069 Issue with UGI Equipment Mass change Selection Criteria

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