SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), extension by Utopia

Asset Master Data

Great Maintenance Starts With Great Asset Master Data

SAP MDG for EAM is the only commercially available product with pre-built integration to SAP that delivers consistent definition, authorization, and replication of key SAP EAM master data. It's also a critical implementation step for any company considering a migration to SAP S/4HANA.


This SAP Master Data Governance EAM extension by Utopia incorporates out-of-the-box functionality of pre-configured data structures, industry templates, workflows, user interfaces, and best practices for EAM data objects.

MDG for EAM enables the governance of all master data domains required for the effective use of SAP Plant Maintenance. These include:

  • Equipment Master
  • Functional Location
  • Linear Asset Management
  • MRO Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Work Centers
  • Service Masters
  • Task Lists
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Maintenance Item
  • Measuring Points


  • Integrates seamlessly with other MDG domains (e.g., a new Equipment request can also create a new Material BoM while simultaneously creating a new Functional Location request).
  • Facilitates the creation and deployment of EAM-specific business rules during master data development (eg, safety critical equipment must have approved inspection plans upon deployment).
  • Facilitates the creation and deployment of EAM-specific business rules during master data development (e.g., safety-critical equipment must have approved inspection plans upon deployment).
  • Enables synchronization among multiple asset master data systems of record, including GIS systems, engineering design systems, reliability systems, etc.


Operations managers, maintenance supervisors, and reliability managers can now centrally control maintenance-relevant asset data before entry into SAP and non-SAP EAM applications.  This means that the only data that gets into SAP is the data that you allow, consistent with your enterprise data model. Our asset management capabilities enable you to:  

  • Increase regulatory compliance.
  • Improve the use of approved corporate best-practice processes in changes to asset master data.
  • Establish auditable records of all changes to safety-critical equipment master data.
  • Reduce MRO supply chain costs.
  • Eliminate duplicate records and excess inventory for MRO spare parts.
  • Establish consistent bills of material reflecting corporate best practices in spares allocation.
  • Identify and eliminate obsolete inventory.
  • Establish accurate MRO spares requirement forecasting.
  • Improve maintenance ‘wrench-time.’
  • Reduce lost maintenance productivity due to work orders with inaccurate or incomplete spare parts, task lists, and tool requirements.
  • Ensure deployment of maintenance best practices through the establishment and consistent utilization of maintenance plan templates.
  • Deliver accurate, complete supporting documentation with every work order.
  • Reduce equipment downtime and unplanned maintenance.
  • Establish and consistently institute maintenance best practices.
  • Improve maintenance downtime analysis and forecasting through consistent master data nomenclature.

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