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    Simplify Governance of Your Master Data

    Every retailer faces the challenge of effectively managing the creation and retirement of retail Articles, SKUs, etc. For the first time, SAP customers have an easy and integrated way to address this issue. Retail & Fashion WorkStudio (RFW) offers a single, intuitive interface that provides easy access for data stakeholders to manage, complete and govern consistent master data from external and internal sources. RFW significantly simplifies the governance processes and increases productivity for master data management teams while providing a view of the data on different platforms to ensure optimal data quality.

    Features of RFW:

    • Merchandising Category
    • Efficient processing to minimize effort on data maintenance
    • Enrichment process optimized for retail and fashion. Reduce the time for data processing
    • Flexibility supported by Excel
    • UI layout and Excel process simplification and process Configuration setup of UI Layout and Excel
    • Large number of articles to be processed to support categories of articles


    • Establishes a “maintain once – use everywhere” best practice.
    • Reduces overall system maintenance by identifying defects early and ensures immediate compliance with corporate data standards.
    • Flexible workflow capabilities allow for collaboration within the company, eliminating siloes of decision-making.
    • Allows the participation of external suppliers in the article creation process.
    • Defines Governance of the article management process throughout the article creation process enabling required data quality.
    • Reduces cost by eliminating redundant effort to maintain retail master data and avoid duplicates.
    • Transparency on who has changed what, when and why.

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