uRDP - Rapid Deployment Package for MDG


Utopia’s Master Data Governance (MDG) Rapid Deployment Package (RDP) is a fast and simple way to deploy a baseline Data Governance solution in just weeks. The Utopia RDP delivers a fast track approach to adopt SAP Master Data Governance across multiple Lines of Business. It also provides end-to-end master data CRUD (create, read, update and delete) processes throughout the enterprise landscape and helps overcome data quality and data remediation challenges. This is a critical step along the journey from knowing if your data is clean, getting your data clean, and keeping your data clean. It is an element of Utopia’s “build, fix, sustain” data methodology model. It creates a foundational stepping stone upon which to build a more mature, comprehensive master data governance solution.


The basic RDP is six weeks for simple master data objects, and can range up to 12 weeks for the more complex objects. From here, additional business rules, work flow stages, user roles, and other value-creating options can be added to expand the holistic solution and optimize the return on information.

The illustration below shows a typical, rapid six-week project plan based on the SAP Activate methodology.


Typical Benefits

In addition to the advantages outlined above, the Utopia RDP for MDG helps:

  • Quickly addresses specific needs and hit the ground running introducing MDG
  • Accelerate time-to-value (TTV) with this seamless rapid deployment methodology, embedded best practices, pre-configured content and repeatable process
  • Speed end-user adoption with Utopia project manuals, knowledge transfer and education materials
  • Rapid project timeframes help ensure predictable outcomes that lower risk
  • Modular yet integrated solutions help ensure long-term landscape integrity and extensibility
  • Clearly priced services enable you to easily know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting


How Utopia Can Help

  • Proven results-oriented, industry-aligned solutions, delivery assets and accelerators that integrate Utopia’s deep industry and domain expertise while speeding time-to-value for clients at lower cost and lower risk
  • Comprehensive strategy through implementation and operational competencies that include system integration/configuration, business process transformation, application management, data cleansing, migration, governance, and user adoption addressing the full range of client needs
  • Wide range of case studies in partnership with system integrators that demonstrate the results that are achievable
  • Skilled practitioners who are experienced at customizing and integrating MDG solutions that help solve complex industry challenges
  • Recognition among partners, analysts and the press for our services and capabilities
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