Data cleansing & enrichment

Excellence in Data Provides Excellence in Business 

Data cleansing and enrichment is the process of transforming bad data into clean data and continually enhancing the data, so it helps the enterprise run its business better. Eliminating duplicates in data often leads to reductions in inventory, waste, and working capital. Getting proper packaging and weight information may lead to savings in freight and optimization of logistics. Enriching data so that it is complete and consistent leads to having the right spare parts on hand for critical equipment that you rely on to assure near 100% uptime in your plants. Utopia does all of that and more.

Benefits of Data Cleansing & Enrichment

  • Removes duplicates in data that provide cost savings, such as avoiding excess inventory and overruns
  • Enhances searchability and alignment to industry standards
  • Allows prioritization of changes to your strategic data quality as part of your digital transformation
  • Identifies data and systems that can be decommissioned and archived
  • Quality data is the foundation for implementing master data governance
  • Enables better, smarter, and more efficient business decisions that are based on accurate data

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia deploys its 4Cs framework to ensure data integrity (for Assets and Materials):
  • Classification… We assign the right class to each object.
  • Cleansing… With every class and the associated characteristics to every level, we perform parsing and standardizing of the legacy data against the data dictionary.
  • Create (enrich)… Complementing the data by correcting and adding the missing pieces.
  • Consolidation… Integrating all the objects to make it a meaningful set of data and consolidating the data that comes from different sources and de-duplicating.


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