Achieving High Quality Data From Creation To Archiving

Data Quality focuses on continuous improvement of an organization’s master data. Your company must understand the critical aspects of your data and develop an approach and methodology to address the most critical data domains and areas.

Benefits of Data Services:

  • Removes duplications in data that provide cost savings such as avoiding excess inventory and overruns.
  • Cleansed data enhances search ability and alignment to industry standards.
  • Allows prioritization of changes to your strategic data quality as part of your digital transformation.
  • Identifies data and systems that can be decommissioned and archived.
  • Creates the foundation to implementing master data governance.
  • Making better, smarter and more efficient business decisions that are based on accurate data.

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia utilizes its Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management™ (EDLM™) methodology to look at all aspects of your organization's data. This proven methodology ensures that this valuable asset is properly cleansed, classified, created and consolidated not only at the starting point, but throughout the life of each piece of information. Utopia offers the following:

  • Identifies the mission critical issues that need to be baselined to determine what’s wrong.
  • Helps your organization develop specific business rules that are unique to your organization’s particular requirements.
  • Assists in putting a data quality process in place that will allow measured improvements over time, leveraging both technology and process.
  • Areas such as standardization, de-duplication, rationalization, enrichment, enhancement and monitoring are all parts of a typical Utopia Data Quality program and solution.