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WEBINAR: Maximize The Probability of Success in Your Digital Transformation

Utopia Marketing | March 27, 2020 |

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, March 26

This can’t miss webinar shares the business value of strategic consulting, strategic change enablement, organizational change management, AND most importantly, how they can help you maximize your chances of digital transformation success.

Ira Lieman, Director of Strategic Consulting will draw upon three decades of technology consulting experience focused on delivering enterprise-level transformational programs, as he shares the tips and tricks most critical to ensuring the success of your digital transformation.

Topics covered include:

  • Improving success for your enterprise transformational programs through management of change
  • How people in your organization adapt to change
  • Employing ADKAR methodology
  • Foundational principles in how to educate and inform all stakeholders towards improving the adoption of their program
  • How a major shift in responsibility alone is an inflection point for adoption

Click here to download a full PowerPoint presentation of the Webinar.


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