Plant Maintenance: Did you Forget About the Data?

Posted by Utopia Marketing on March 31, 2020

Plant Maintenance_

I have spent my entire career working in the realm of “Plant Maintenance” systems: from homegrown systems, back in my old programming days, to SAP. The software that almost all major companies across multiple industries use. This I know as I have spent the last 22 years doing more SAP implementations than I can count. In all that time, there has always been one area that has really bugged me, and at times even caused me to upset a few people along the way.  I get on my soapbox and nag, scream (not literally) and jump up and down to call attention to the fact this should be the very first thing any company should start cleaning up. That area is DATA.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to watch as companies spend millions of dollars on consulting firms to help guide them through all the steps, and there are hundreds of those, to get the “new” system up and running. Yet for some reason, they do not stop to really pay attention to the actual data that gets loaded into it. Especially when it come to the details of the equipment used to produce their product and the materials it takes to keep that equipment running.

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Operational Excellence in Heavy Asset Industries

Posted by Utopia Marketing on October 22, 2014

Life as a plant manager can be a daily challenge. You are responsible for a smooth running operation which includes uptime, periodic maintenance, flawless production, operational efficiencies, and regulatory and safety compliance. In addition to trying to maintain the integrity of reporting and decision support systems at the same time. No wonder it takes a special kind of talent to run a multi-million dollar plant. This special talent remains hostage to accurate asset information.

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