Master Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS)

Sustainable Data Quality from Capture to Control


Utopia and Prometheus Group have together developed the revolutionary Master Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS) platform as an integrated end-to-end data quality, governance and migration solution. The platform is purpose-built for addressing missing and inaccurate asset data in key systems of record, harnessing technologies including machine learning, image and character recognition, data mining, and manufacturer's web search. The platform's powerful capabilities leverage industry standards, best practices and taxonomies for integrated data enrichment. It transforms low-quality information into accurate, complete, and governable asset data ready to propel your next-gen initiatives. What used to take hundreds of hours spent by subject matter experts can now be done at a higher level of accuracy and at fraction of the time and cost.

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Platform Benefits

  • Provides for end-to-end integrated data quality
  • Ensures best practices and standards-based master data 
  • Prepares data for governance and integration across various systems 
  • Replaces manual, inefficient data collection and enrichment processes 
  • Provides a highly advanced and automated data quality platform
  • Enables next-gen initiatives like reliability centered maintenance, IoT, and industrie 4.0 


  • Utopia Intelligent Mobile Capture (uIMC)
  • Utopia Intelligent Data Enrichment (uIDE)
  • Utopia Intelligent Connect & Control (uICC)

MDaaS Capture

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Master Data-as-a-Service Capture (MDaaS Capture), powered by Ordital, is a mobile app used to rapidly find and fix missing asset and material data. Images of physical labels are captured in the field then stored, extracted, interpreted, and transformed into cleansed and standardized master data records. MDaaS Capture harnesses cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, image recognition, and expert crowdsourcing accelerate field data collection and data enrichment.

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  • Collects data 5x faster than the manual process
  • Saves at least 50% cost versus traditional field data collection methods
  • Requires minimal training/change management with a simple user-experience
  • Empowers local field personnel to make this part of their daily responsibilities with little time burden  
  • Keeps asset master data consistent, up-to-date, and accurate across the organization 
  • Facilitates robust data quality and governance processes  


  • Available on iOS/Android mobile devices
  • Uses native device camera for photo capture
  • Employs optical character recognition (OCR), image recognition, machine learning, and crowdsourcing
  • Automated, user-friendly, voice-to-text, and no-typing required 
  • Auto-interprets and summarizes captured image information 
  • Full offline data capture functionality 



MDaaS Enrich


Master Data-as-a-Service Enrich (MDaaS Enrich) collects almost any type of asset data from any source. From photos of equipment tags to engineering drawings or even a full system downloads, MDaaS Enrich extracts and categorizes the data while classifying to industry standards. The software completes any missing information and corrects invalid data using machine learning and expert-based crowdsourcing. The complete, highly-accurate data can then be leveraged for advanced improvement initiatives and integrated into any system of record. ​

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  • Completes enterprise data quality initiatives at a higher level of accuracy
  • Reduces time and cost compared to service-only projects 
  • Keeps asset master data consistent, up-to-date, and accurate across the organization
  • Delivers accurate, complete ISO14224 equipment records and UNSPSC material records 
  • Enables next-gen initiatives like reliability centered maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, IoT, and industrie 4.0


  • Data enrichment from manufacturer websites (web-scraping)
  • Automated classification/parsing and standardization of existing data 
  • Real-time machine learning 
  • Built on the SAP Asset Information Network (AIN) framework
  • Collaboration with manufacturers through SAP AIN  

MDaaS Connect


Master Data-as-a-Service Connect facilitates the synchronization of accurate asset and materials data between systems of record. The growing list of out-of-the-box connectors includes SAP, Hexagon, ESRI, OpenText, Maximo, and Oracle EAM. Utopia's open APIs readily accommodate integration to other commercial master data systems of record.

MDaaS Connect also provides governance to the master data transformation process. The product incorporates configurable workflows and automated business rules to establish auditable review and approval processes for the asset master data.