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For over 10 years clients have entrusted Utopia with their data management challenges to help them drive revenues, shred costs and streamline operations. Customers turn their Data 2 Insights™ through the use of one or more of our proven solutions: data governance, data migration, analytics, big data and data outsourcing. Data is our passion, business processes our second nature – we excel at blending both to achieve bigger, better and bolder business decisions with accurate data, anytime, anywhere – faster.


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Data Speak (Good Data/Bad Data)
Posted on April 22, 2014
When we talk about data, what do we mean? Data by itself is an indefinite or generic term that needs descriptors to modify and make clear its meaning. There’s financial data, employee data, purchase ..
The Fastest Way to Kill Your Data Quality Initiative
Posted on April 15, 2014
The old data joke, exposed to me at an Americas SAP User Group (ASUG) data governance group meeting goes a little like this…Q:  “So what the fastest way to kill a data quality initiative?” ..

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