SAP Asset Information Workbench (AIW) by Utopia

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SAP Asset Information Workbench is a master data governance platform for monitoring, tracking, and managing structured and unstructured asset data among multiple systems-of-record, enterprise-wide.

  • Connect multiple systems of record where your data is stored and used, enterprise-wide
  • Collaborate with your data stakeholders in an SAP environment with tools and workflows to ensure seamless processes across your organization
  • Accelerate acquisition, transformation, and processing of complex asset data
  • Standardize reference models (asset, work, parts) in one central location
  • Advance business rules framework and enterprise-wide data governance best practices
  • Distribute quality master data across your entire EAM enterprise solutions portfolio


  • Integration to SAP AIN enables the mapping and transformation of AIN-delivered structured and unstructured master data into enterprise-specific data structures when implemented by Utopia
  • Facilitates creation, deployment, and refinement of maintenance best practices
  • Efficient handling of multi-object change requests
  • Enables synchronization of asset master data across multiple systems-of-record  
  • Quickly locates relevant records for asset master data construction
  • Provides intuitive visualization and interpretation of complex asset master data structures
  • Reduces mean time to repair asset master data
  • Provides a unified environment for key master data resident in documents and digital systems

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Calculate the ROI you could achieve from having clean, accurate, and governed master data with the use of SAP Asset Information Workbench. 

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