Utopia Intelligent Data Cloud Platform (uIDCP) Explainer Video

Utopia Marketing | October 26, 2020 | 1 min read

Utopia Intelligent Data Cloud Platform (uIDCP) is an integrated, SaaS, cloud-based data quality platform from capture-to-control. uIDCP mines existing sources of asset or material master data and uses new technologies, like a simple point-and-click app to capture missing information from assets in the field. uIDCP provides automated data transformation and enrichment, including best practices and standards-based classification. Missing and incorrect information is resolved using machine-earning, exclusive libraries and private/public crowdsourcing. The resulting high-quality, complete information is then ready for controls and integration across various systems with native connectors and industry-exclusive governance solutions.

uIDCP is architected with fully modularized components including:

  • Utopia Intelligent Mobile Capture (uIMC)
  • Utopia Intelligent Data Enrichment (uIDE)
  • Utopia Intelligent Connect and Control (uIDCC)

Once data is complete, highly-accurate and well-governed it can leverage advanced operational methodologies like reliability centered maintenance and next-gen transformative initiatives like IoT and industrie 4.0.

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