Utopia Intelligent Mobile Capture Explainer Video

Utopia Marketing | October 27, 2020 |

Utopia’s easy-to -use Intelligent Mobile Capture (uIMC) powered by Ordital, is a mobile asset data app used to rapidly find and fix missing asset data by capturing images of the physical labels on assets in the field. uIMCE is the front-end to Utopia’s Intelligent Data Cloud Platform and is favored for allowing even junior employees to catalog hundreds of assets a day. And, it’s not just for collecting data that already exists, using machine learning, image recognition and crowdsourcing, uIMC's cloud-based software enriches the asset information to create complete as-built equipment lists.

  • Collects data 5x faster than manual processes
  • Reduces traditional field data collection costs by >50%
  • Leverages SMART technologies to enrich missing/poor quality data

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