Webinar - Improve Business Processes With Trusted Data

    Title - Improve Business Processes With Trusted Data

    Presenters - Frank Dravis, Global Director SAP HANA Services at Utopia, Inc.; David Dichmann, Product Line Manager at Sybase

    Length - 46:54

    When organizations look to manage a large scale project such as maybe a data migration, they often need to build a strategy on how they’re going to cleanse and manipulate their information, while also working to standardize it and ensure that it conforms to their organization’s needs. This presentation will present how to build a data quality strategy and how to best move all of that information into a repository that you can store, save and that can be referenced in the future.

    Presenter Frank Dravis gives a real life client case study of a large global bank based in Manhattan. With their organizational goal being to increase sales, they determined that in order to achieve that goal they were going to improve their product cross selling. You'll learn the steps of their data management process as they looked to accomplish their goal.


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