SAP Master Data Governance for Retail & Fashion (SAP MDG-RFM) v. 9.2 Product Guides

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    Downloads for SAP MDG-RFM /FMS 9.2 with RMP on S/4HANA

    2777577 - Release Information note, SAP MDG-RFM 9.2 S4HANA
    2777559 - Functional Restrictions, SAP MDG-RFM 9.2 S4HANA
    2787290 - Report for Uninstallation of UGI4, UGIRMP Components
    UGI_RFM_9.2_Installation Guide_S4H.pdf

    OSS Notes
    This query will opens an external session to SAP OSS and lists our related notes for this release.

    RFM 9.2 OSS Notes (Direct link to SAP OSS: Requires S-User ID)

    Data Protection

    Data protection is associated with numerous legal requirements and privacy concerns. In addition to compliance with general data protection acts, it is necessary to consider compliance with industry-specific legislation in different countries. Utopia Global Inc software products leverage the standard SAP framework and the underlying standard features for data protections applies to our products. Please refer to the links below for documentation that describes the specific features and functions that SAP provides to support compliance with the relevant legal requirements and data protection. For more information about topics related to data protection, see the Data Protection section in the relevant application-specific security guides.


    In the majority of cases, compliance with data protection laws is not a product feature. Utopia Global, Inc supports data protection through the underlying SAP software, which provides security features and specific data-protection-relevant functions such as functions for the simplified blocking and deletion of personal data. Utopia Global, Inc does not provide legal advice in any form. The definitions and other terms used in these documents are not taken from any given legal source.

    Any customer based project enhancements through extensibility would need to be managed by the implementation team to ensure End of Purpose (EoP) compliance.

    Data Protection References

    User Help Guide for RFM by Utopia Data Privacy Protection
    Utopia RFM Information Guide for Data Privacy Protection
    SAP Note 2579874 - General Data Protection for RFM
    SAP Note 2103639 - End of Purpose Check Adaption for Business Partner Consuming Applications – Guide for Partners and Customers
    SAP Note 2624228 - DPP Compliant Partner Products to support GDPR compliance : Solution Extensions (SolEx) / Vendor Branded Reseller (VBR)

    SAP Note 1825544 - Simplified Deletion and Blocking of Personal Data in SAP Business Suite
    SAP Note 2007926 - Simplified Blocking and Deletion of Customer / Vendor Master Data
    Data Protection - SAP Business Suite
    Data Protection - S/4HANA
    Deletion of Personal Data – SAP ERP Central Component Security Guide

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