SAP Master Data Governance For Enterprise Asset Management (MDG for EAM) v 9.1 OSS Correction Notes

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    SAP MDG for EAM 9.1 (ECC and S/4HANA) 

    2587625 Consolidated Post UGI EAM 9.1 Base Code Corrections
    2591372 Issue in Creating an Equipment in MDG Replication client with User status other than default  Values
    2590796 Issue with Change in Class Status in Service Master Classification
    2596504 Issue with MPMI Work center # Multi-lingual text display
    2596695 Replication of MRO BOM trigger by CR activation: Mapping MDG key to DRF key
    2591991 UGI EAM 9.1 - FIORI OData Correction
    2598463 UGI EAM 9.1 Fiori UI Corrections
    2598726 Function Location description updated as BLANK after change
    2599292 Issue with Replication of an Equipment that has valid Workcenter attached
    2599926 Issue with derivation of maintenance and planning plant during Equipment change
    2600021 Dutch translation correction for labels Mass  and Side Panel
    2600472 Additional Code corrections for GDPR Post EAM 9.1
    2604439 Issues with Equipment Description field while performing Equipment SOP change and File Upload Create 
    2604537 IDoc is stuck with Status "64' when UGI Package is Installed in Non-MDG Transactional Systems
    2606461 Technical Error while updating  an installed equipment by providing workcenter value from Location tab
    2615285 Issue with Equipment creation having superior equipment attached in replication client
    2602528 Issue with Equipment Hana Search when you search by Functional Location or Cost Center
    2590020 Issue with Address number and Position(floc) in the MDG replication client for Functional Location and Equipment
    2626069 Issue with UGI Equipment Mass change Selection Criteria
    2634036 Technical Exception while selecting EQUI Search method in MDG EAM 9.1.
    2633342 Technical Error with F4 help for workcenter from task list operations relationships list
    2637073 Issue with F4 Search help for Funcloc in EAM 9.1 when deployed in MDG 9.1
    2640772 Issue with "Valid From Date" while creating an Equipment in MDG
    2640989 Issue with derivation of superior functional location in SAP MDG
    2642357 Issue with FUNCLOC DB search when Alternative label is active in EAM 9.1
    2645008 Issue with Functional Location-Partner Validation in EAM 9.1
    2645352 Issue with selection of blank characteristics value from "Select Characteristics" button in EAM 9.1
    2645471 Issue with update of Sales and Distribution attributes in Funcloc EAM 9.1
    2647146 Issues with User status attributes of Equipment and Functional Location in EAM 9.1
    2653168 Functional location: Dump occurs during file upload with ref floc in MDG EAM 9.1
    2651670 Issue with the EQUI LAM data attributes Length, Start point, End point in MDG
    2655334 Issue with search help of attribute "CLASS" in file download screen of EAM 9.1
    2658685 Formatting issue with EAM LAM data attributes Length, Start point, End point in MDG
    2658829 Issue with Equipment System status modification while doing Mass change
    2658948 Issue with selection of  Material in SerData tab of  equipment in EAM 9.1

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