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    OSS Correction Notes for XXXXX

    2590794 Consolidated Post UGI7 AIW 2.0 Base Code Corrections
    2610346 Runtime Error While Rejecting Multiple work items from AIW 2.0 POWL Inbox
    2622502 AIW 2.0 MOCR Create -FLOC Tab with multiple entries, technical error when clicking on button "Data origin".
    2623009 Issue with Functional Location name display in AIW 2.0
    2633230 Search help for plant is missing in AIW 2.0  - MRO BOM
    2643879 Issue with the attribute “Plant for Work Center” Search Help in FLOC AIW 2.0
    2646896 Issue with Copy Hierarchy in AIW 2.0 where FLoc, Equipment has Tasklist associated
    2647289 AIW2.0 - Object lock issue during copy hierarchy
    2636411 Technical error while selecting invalid FLOC in AIW 2.0 Manage Hierarchies
    2635876 Multiple Issues with Search Help of Work center and Workcenter plant in AIW 2.0 Tasklist
    2637167 Issue in AIW2.0 - Tasklist copy(Functional Location Tasklist and Equipment Tasklist)
    2647940 Operation long text not copied while copying Task List (General, Equipment or Functional Location) in AIW2.0
    2650749 Issue with Drag and Drop functionality in MOCR Hierarchy for Equipm...
    2659508 Issue with display of class details for  funloc in powl screen of AIW 2.0
    2662177 AIW2.0 : Issue with AIW Change Request Report Display
    2662797 AIW2.0: Location attribute F4 values for functional location

    OSS Correction Notes for XXXXXX
    2568986 AIW 1.0 Enhanced POWL - Rejection Reason popup is missing



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