Utopia and OpenText Bridge the Gap between Structured and Unstructured Asset Data

Utopia Marketing | February 02, 2016 | 2 min read

This dynamic partnership provides a single platform for governing asset master data in the real-world jumble of document-based and digital asset information.

MUNDELEIN, Ill., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Utopia Global, Inc., a global software and services company specializing in enterprise data solutions, today announced a new solution offering for asset master data that brings together structured and unstructured asset information.

The combination of the SAP® Master Data Governance enterprise asset management extension by Utopia, integrated with the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) application by OpenText, provides a unified solution for this complex business problem.

"In survey after survey, asset-intensive industries rank poor asset master-data quality as a leading impediment to improved operations and maintenance efficiency," stated Mike Jordan, vice president of enterprise asset management solutions at Utopia. "The problem these industries find is that asset master data resides in an inconvenient mix of structured and unstructured forms. In fact, most of the digital information required by SAP plant maintenance software 'begins life' as a document."

Until now, traditional content management applications could manage documents, but typically failed in their ability to organize and transfer the document content from the page into the operating environment. Likewise, traditional master data applications could dutifully govern the data in an application; but they normally lacked the ability to recognize and extract the data from the source documents. This solution gap was the business driver for the OpenText–Utopia alliance. The offering now integrates both structured and unstructured asset information in the processes and user interfaces driven by SAP Master Data Governance.

"The business case for accurate asset master data is compelling," stated Nicholas Mauldin, program manager of the OpenText Corporation. "Improving asset master-data quality can have a direct impact on reducing environmental, health and safety risks, improving operational performance, and maintaining regulatory compliance."

The SAP Master Data Governance enterprise asset management extension by Utopia provides a governance platform for master data objects specific to the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution such as equipment masters, functional locations and maintenance bills of material. With SAP Extended ECM, companies can integrate content management into their core SAP business processes and take advantage of a complete, enterprise-grade ECM solution that uniquely integrates across the entire SAP Business Suite and beyond. It adds data and document archiving, imaging, document management, collaboration and application-spanning virtual views of related information to systems running SAP software.


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