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#WomenInTech Series: Presales - Laura Dugas

Utopia Marketing | August 20, 2018 | 2 min read

For the last 7 years, Laura Dugas of the Utopia Presales team has contributed to hundreds of client projects. What makes Laura excited about the evolving technology industry and her role at Utopia? We caught up with her to ask. 

When did you start at Utopia and how has your role changed since then? 

I have been with Utopia since 2011 and started out on the Delivery team working as a liaison between on and off-site teams.  At that time, I was working on a project for an Oil & Gas client.  I later joined the Presales team and now work to support client engagement, communication and satisfaction between our clients and our Utopia Sales, and Delivery organizations. 

What made you decide to get into technology?

Technology appealed to me because it’s a constantly evolving area. There are always so many changes, and that makes it an exciting industry.  I love the opportunity to expand on my previous experience and gain new knowledge, whether it’s in a specific industry or a new area of emerging technology.

What led you to Utopia?

I always heard great things about Utopia and through the relationships I had built in the industry, I met contacts who introduced me to Utopia leadership.

How have you continued to refine your skills/learn/grow to adapt to a fast-moving industry?

I take every opportunity I can to learn as much as I can.  I enjoy reading up on new trends, attending industry seminars and learning from my mentors at Utopia, who have thought me the most about this fast-paced industry. As a working mom, balancing this fast-paced environment and time at home can be a challenge, but Utopia allows me to have the flexibility I need while keeping me engaged and passionate about my role within the company.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in data today?

A lot of our customers are getting back to the basics of data and how it can enable better business processes.  I see the shift of organizations moving away from the big trendy buzzwords and more stakeholders are looking for actionable recommendations and strategy to drive business efficiency and improve the quality of their data long-term.

What is something you’re most proud of from your time at Utopia?

Last year in recognition of my support in acquiring a big project for a large chemical company, I was invited to Utopia’s annual Sales Club award trip to Grand Cayman. I spent many hours on-site with the client, helping scope the project, get proposals and contracts in place and build our relationship. 

What advice do you have for women interested in getting into tech or data-related field?

The same opportunities are there for women, as they are for men.  Just being female isn’t enough to set you apart in a male-dominated industry… but new skills and experience will.  Find the talents that are unique to you and identify ways to show value to set yourself apart. The more experience you gain and can bring to your role – even when it comes from a different industry – the stronger you’ll be.

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