What's All This Buzz about SAP Data Hub?

Utopia Marketing | September 11, 2018 | 1 min read

Gone is the notion of one size fits all - or in other words - that all of your data and processes need to be in a centralized system or database. Today, we see customers with many different systems and environments that are required to run their business. We often create custom programs to make their systems talk to each other and share information. Sometimes, the answer is to move all of the important data to a data warehouse and do your processing there. This adds a layer of complexity because you have to get the data from wherever it lives and bring it into the data warehouse which means your data is often out of sync in the various systems that you store it in.

SAP Data Hub allows you the flexibility of not having to centralize your data but instead centralize your processes. Data Hub can talk across your heterogeneous environment and keep track of what is happening and where. It gives you a mechanism to control systems that don’t naturally communicate with each other. This allows you to control a process end to end… no matter where the process has to occur.

Does it overlap with SAP products or Utopia products?

SAP Data Hub works hand in hand with Utopia’s software portfolio. In most organizations there are many different applications and processes that need to work together and that is not an easy thing to do across application and database vendors. Data Hub allows products that cannot normally talk to each other, a mechanism to not only communicate, but cooperate. For example, if we have an ETL process that looks for data feeds from an ftp site and moves that data into an SAP S/4HANA system once it arrives… when that process is done, you want an S4 application to process the data once it is loaded on the system. With SAP Data Hub we are able to control both of these processes/applications from a single place.

For customers with a complex landscape that are often forced to move data unnecessarily just because two systems cannot communicate, there is an opportunity for custom ETL routines of programming code to make systems share and process information. With SAP Data Hub you can now control disparate systems from a single interface. You can create processing flows across multiple systems that once seemed impossible to make communicate. Where we once may have had to choose a custom process to make complex operations work together we now have a simpler way to make these systems work seamlessly.

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