UtopiaLIVE Get Started Now: Leveraging Data Governance to Propel Business Operations in Retail

Utopia Marketing | July 02, 2020 | 1 min read

The lifeblood of retail and fashion companies is the customer experience and streamlined operations. Companies thrive when supply chains and inventories are optimized to meet demand, however, planning and analytics tools supporting the optimization rely on high-quality data to function properly. Join this presentation to learn how data governance improves business operations, as well as HOW to approach a data quality project, WHERE and WHEN to start. Martin Printz from Utopia and Kimberly Sharp from Rizing will share how data can improve CX, optimize inventory levels, and streamline operational processes.

Topics Discussed:

· Leveraging data to overcome the challenges of COVID-19

· How to simplify the data maintenance process and what is means for operations

· How data can provide you with a ‘quick win’ and act as the foundation for your S/4HANA and digital transformations

· Functionality of SAP Master Data Governance Retail and Fashion solution extension by Utopia

· Overall data governance architecture - how to get data into governance and how to distribute

· Building the business case and securing required resources

· How to get the biggest data “bang” for the “buck” on your master data initiatives


· Martin Printz, Retail and Fashion Practice Lead, Utopia Global

· Kimberly Sharp, Sr. Consulting Manager, CI, Rizing

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