Utopia Podcast Series: Thriving in a Challenging Environment

Utopia Marketing | April 17, 2020 |


Join Mike Begala, IT Director, Flowserve Corporation, as he sits down with Utopia CEO, Arvind Singh, to discuss how the two organizations have partnered to deliver transformational change through master data governance at Flowserve. In this customer success pod, Mike shares how Flowserve was able to “Drive down working capital with inventory optimization” and “Optimize receivables management” as well as de-risk the business from future market volatility.

Published every 2 weeks, the series will include “coffee-talk” style chats with executive leadership from SAP customer companies, SAP as well as leading technologists and innovators. Chats are illuminating, thought provoking, and very importantly, quick listens for busy lifestyles.

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