Field Data

Using Field Data Collection to Maximize Asset Excellence

Utopia Marketing | August 26, 2019 | 1 min read

Having reliable, consistent, and up to date information on all your world-wide technical assets is the foundation to operate your business-critical production plants successfully. The goal is to get to the digital plant and have a central registry of all your equipment with clean, standardized, and trusted information. Now an operational plant holds lots of so-called brownfield equipment – i.e., equipment that is running since years in your plant and will continue to be used over the year but is not necessarily digitally registered or up to date in your critical operational and analytical systems.

This is where Utopia’s automated Field Data Collection process can help. It is based on SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management and supplies a machine learning-based process automating the inventory process of equipment in your plant.

The key functionality provided:

1.      Fiori based (HTML5) application that runs on any smart and mobile device (e.g., iPad) having a camera to snap equipment nameplate information
2.      Optical Character Recognition processes scan the equipment nameplate information like manufacturer, model, and other critical technical characteristics
3.      Automated field detection captures and parses critical information like manufacturer, model, and serial number into the respective fields
4.      Build-in machine learning algorithms based on Utopia’s evolutionary taxonomies enrich the data with individual technical information (classes and characteristics)
5.      Leveraging the integration to SAP Asset Intelligence Network – further enrichment is done based on trusted manufacturer-supplied data
6.      Workflow for approval, activation, and distribution into your critical operational systems like SAP S/4HANA is triggered

This application dramatically speeds up the process of building a complete inventory of digital twins in your operational ERP system. It avoids cumbersome, manual, labor-intensive, slow, and error-prone processes to digitize your critical asset data.

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