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Top Retail & Fashion Companies Trust SAP MDG-RFM by Utopia to Save Them Big Money!

Utopia Marketing | October 07, 2020 |


Managing master data in the Retail and Fashion business is tremendously challenging. Failing to do so, or doing so inefficiently reduces brand loyalty, undermines aligned inventories and hurts profitability. For most SAP customers, the creation and change of articles remains a very inefficient, manual process. Most retailers still utilize email and spreadsheets with no clear data ownership and little transparency into the process.

Utopia’s Retail and Fashion Management (SAP MDG-RFM) solution extension includes pre-configured data structures, industry templates, best practices, workflows, and user interfaces, specifically for Retail master data objects.

MDG-RFM is the only commercially available solution that addresses the retailer’s biggest data challenges, slashing inventory carrying costs and reducing time and costs associated with the creation and management of articles. This solution is also a critical implementation step for any company considering a migration to SAP S/4HANA.

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