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The ROI of Effective Master Data Cleansing: Video Highlights From the Spring Virtual User Conference

Utopia Marketing | June 30, 2021 | 2 min read

It’s been an exciting first half of 2021 for all of us on the Utopia team. Particularly our participation in the Prometheus Group User Conference held on May 4-5, 2021. A key focus of the conference was achieving master data excellence. Naturally, your Utopia asset data experts were front and center to deliver the latest on master data best practices — from capturing and cleansing your asset data through to sustaining it and leveraging it. 

Mastering Your Asset Data: A Key Focus for 2021 and Beyond 

In fact, several of the opening presentations for the virtual user conference were focused on Utopia’s solutions and services. 

Mike Jordan (Vice President, Sales) and Jeff Kinard (Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Prometheus Group) first presented on the enhancement to the Prometheus Group Master Data as a Service offering. 

During their presentation, Mike broke down how to understand the business value of solid master data — and how to explain it to the stakeholders at your organization who may need to be convinced of the urgency and value of this undertaking. 

As Mike explains in the video, Utopia collaborates with clients in workshops to define what master data success looks like for you. It often includes ensuring that your data is compliant with all ISO224 standards and requirements.  


Easy Mobile App to Capture Asset Data from Labels and Tags  

They also went over how MDaaS Capture works. This elegantly simple mobile app means virtually even the most junior maintenance technician can head out into the field and gather asset data. If he or she can snap a photo, they can gather asset data even from dirty or aged asset labels and tags. 

To get even more details about MDaaS Capture, watch this video. 

Mike and Jeff also covered how our team of master data experts can help you enrich your data and, once it’s clean, keep it clean. “Master data” should not be viewed as a finite project — that’s how data becomes out of date, loses its integrity, and becomes riddled with gaps and errors. Maintaining your data to the highest standard should be ongoing (but a light lift!) if you have the right partners.  

Oil and Gas Multinational Finds Data Cleansing and Sustainment for the Long-Term With Utopia 

Also exciting was the presentation by Barclay Crossland of Enbridge, joined by Mike Jordan. Barclay works in the Maintenance Management Systems department as a work manager overseeing technology and data. Due to the nature of their work and their organization, they have several instances of SAP (and of IBM Maximo), as well as various spreadsheets. Converging all this data, from all these different systems, is no small undertaking. So, they weren’t looking for your run-of-the-mill enterprise data service with “short-term” thinking. They were looking for a master data partner with sustainment in mind.   

WATCH HEREUtopia and Enbridge: Asset Master Data Excellence at the Spring 2021 virtual User Conference 

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