Resilience, Readiness and Reinvention: Thriving in Times of Challenge - Utopia CEO Arvind Singh Delivers Keynote Fireside Chat at 2020 SAP Centric EAM Conference

Utopia Marketing | July 08, 2020 |

Utopia CEO Arvind Singh spends nearly 200 days a year traveling around the world speaking with leaders of large enterprises. One of his favorite questions…”what is keeping you up at night?”. The resounding answer currently is “Am I doing the right things to keep the lights on?” 

Companies are facing supply chain and manufacturing challenges like never before. More than ever, they are turning to data as a strategic enabler for dynamic business operations. Being nimble and able to pivot in real-time creates a strategic advantage that allows organizations to avoid catastrophe and seize opportunity. From ensuring the availability of critical parts to maintaining operational continuity, data acts as a key driver of success.

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