Notes from the CEO:                      Vision 2020 - Plan vs. Reality

Arvind Singh | April 13, 2020 | 1 min read

Back in 2000, I distinctly remember countless conversations with friends, family and business associates about how life would be in 2020. Where we wanted to be by 2020. Most every company and thought leader published some form of a “Vision 2020” document. The futurists talked about a digital economy, self-driving cars, humans landing on Mars … it seemed so far away at that time, but we were ever so hopeful and optimistic.

Suddenly we find ourselves in 2020. A lot of what we dreamed and envisioned has come through. Some of it is still work-in-progress. But it’s probably fair to say we hadn’t envisioned a pandemic of this magnitude in our mind’s eye for 2020. Nor the anxiety, fear and uncertainty about our future, or the safety of our children, families and communities.

So, what can we do to reset and make the best use of the cards we have been dealt? Somehow turn adversity into opportunity. We know vision drives actions today and energizes us to look beyond the present. We need to start articulating for ourselves, our customers, our partners, and our families what we envision for 2025 and beyond. Do we have a plan for how to get there? What steps do we need to start taking NOW for that future, and for the recovery that’s bound to come, so that we are ready when it happens?

My wish is that we all remain equally as hopeful and optimistic as we were at the turn of the century but start acting on our plans for the future TODAY. While the short term might seem daunting, we know the old adage, “this too shall pass!”

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