How Utopia Leveraged Machine Learning for Smart Data Enrichment with SAP on AWS

Utopia Marketing | July 14, 2020 |

AWS is so excited about Utopia’s AWS Machine Learning engines, they recently invited us to deliver two webinars broadcast globally to share the big leap forward. Watch this webinar featuring Utopia’s CTO Peter Aynsley-Hartwell and AWS’s David Payne.

Want to:

  • Make smarter, real-time decisions?
  • Become an agile digital enterprise?
  • Cut costs and drive efficiencies?

It all begins with high-quality data you can TRUST. Utopia’s machine learning engines are unique. Fueled by nearly two decades of learnings and vast volumes of data, we have created the most advanced data cleansing and enrichment algorithms currently available. The result, your data is enriched faster and at a higher level of accuracy compared to other available processes and vendors. The best part…unlike other providers that inflate prices for speed, the velocity of our engines allows Utopia to cut your enrichment costs!

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