Tactical Steps for On-Time and On-Budget Data Migrations

Utopia Marketing | September 26, 2019 | 2 min read

We get it. Data migration has been a headache in the past. Projects balloon out of control and before you know it, your 12-month, $20 million migration project turns into an 18-month, $30 million project due to poor project management and delays in development. Now that ECC is old news and S/4 is the way of the future, your business knows that it’s time to start that process all over again.

Over the past 17 years, Utopia, built up a library of prebuilt solutions and skilled professionals to help eliminate delays and keep projects on budget. The world’s best businesses are moving to S/4HANA, and Utopia is prepared to help make that process as smooth as possible to sidestep the headaches of the past. We have molded the migration of ECC data to S/4HANA into a repeatable, streamlined process using smart methodologies, modern migration toolkits, and some of the most experienced Data Migration Consultants in the world. All this comes together with proactive management teams to ensure your migration project gets done on time and budget.

SAP has released Migration Cockpit, which was specifically designed with ECC-to-S/4 HANA migrations in mind. This tool alone won’t give you the highest quality data, but it makes the data load smooth and simple. This new tool, combined with Utopia’s years of expertise using Data Services and Information Steward, makes the process smooth, simple, highly visible, and even interactive. Utopia’s uDM (Utopia Data Migration), is a 3-step process which uses data quality scorecards from Information Steward to show snapshots from any point in time, and even allows the business to log into the tool itself and update values which couldn’t be handled via rule-based automated cleansing. This will enable us to validate updated values against our thousands of prebuilt rules and give a new score whenever needed. This iterative process is the key to getting data into tip-top shape before using the migration cockpit to finally load the data into SAP.

uDM’s key steps are:

  • Data Services RDM (Rapid Data Migration) templates. These are pre-built, SAP-approved data object templates which would take weeks/months to build from scratch.  Utopia has 400+ templates at our disposal
  • IS-DMCE (Information Steward Data Migration Content Extension) – takes the same validation rules used by data services and creates scorecards from those rules. Complex data objects, again, could take weeks to build from scratch but Utopia has prebuilt scorecard projects for all major master data objects
  • ExceptionHandler – Using Information Steward, we allow the business to login and view records flagged as invalid for reasons which couldn’t be handled with rule-based cleansing. The user can update the record using the tool itself, which then gets put into the staging database to be validated again until the value is right. 

Ultimately, using Utopia’s data migration methodology, many past clients have successfully migrated their ECC data into S/4.  The combination of toolsets, experience, and methodology have paved the way for Utopia to become among the best in the business.

This quick read is part 5 of a 5 part series on leveraging data for operational, organizational and asset excellence. Doing more with less; working smarter, not harder and leveraging the advancements available today to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. Published weekly, this series will provide you the tools and tactics to gain a competitive advantage with high-quality, accurate and well-governed data.

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