How Data Quality is Propelling Asset Excellence at Cleco

Utopia Marketing | August 21, 2020 | 1 min read

Join this UtopiaLIVE, featuring Mark Prevost, VP of Asset Management at Cleco, to learn how focusing on high-quality asset data has increased Cleco’s asset uptime, operational continuity and maintenance productivity while reducing their EH&S risks.

Getting ready for a move to SAP S/4HANA? Have a recent or future acquisition? Need best practices for data-driven asset management? This UtopiaLIVE will share how getting the data right first, before migration, has not only benefited Cleco’s asset management program, but also set their S/4HANA data migration project up for success. Learn the best practices for data integration after an acquisition and where to focus your data cleansing efforts.

Further Topics of Discussion:

• Creating Maintenance Strategies for Individual Assets 

• Materials Data Cleansing

• Using SAP Data Services and Migration Cockpit for Migration Success

• S/4HANA Data Readiness

• Data Migration Best Practices After an Acquisition

• Master Data Collection

Presenters: Mark Prevost, VP of Asset Management, Cleco Braden Slezak, Vice President, Utopia

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