Data and Utility Excellence

Utopia Marketing | October 16, 2019 | 1 min read

Transformation. The Utility Industry has ongoing challenges that demand just that, transformation! Common among Utilities are large efforts such as hardening/modernizing the transmission and distribution systems, creating a new clean (non-fossil) energy front print, integrating these new generating systems, regulatory pressure on costs and rates, aging workforce and raising customer expectation of excellence in service. Removing all impediments as these critical initiatives are inflight is necessary to ensure a successful implementation.

The foundational issue to resolve and influence many of these challenges is the underlying master data. Confidence in a business, operational, asset and financial reporting and analysis is reliant on clean and consistent data to enjoy the promise, goals, and success of the planned transformation. Preparing for transformation calls for a comprehensive review of not only your existing data and the processes of creating, reviewing, updating, and deleting data. Optimization of data begins with the realization that your data is a valuable business asset. Resting in cleansed data is an increase in productivity, operational efficiency, and reduce unnecessary costs.

At Utopia Inc., we are the leading global experts in providing corporations like yours, an actionable path to build, fix, and sustain master and asset data. The proven methodology at Utopia can securely create a data-based system of record that you have a greater level of confidence.

Transform your company to a higher level of operational and financial efficiency and savings. Start with perfect data!

Written by Todd Hall, National Client Partner, Utopia

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