Data Governance

Create, Manage & Maintain Complex Master Data

Utopia Marketing | October 03, 2018 | 1 min read

Chances are, you have multiple systems of record where data stakeholders throughout your organization are accessing, changing and storing large amounts of complex data. When it comes to managing that data, and leveraging it's value for analytics, predictive maintenance and more efficient operations, organizations often face challenges in data ownership, long-term business rules identification and creation of workflows that align with everyone's priorities.

SAP Asset Information Workbench is a master data governance platform for monitoring, tracking and managing structured and unstructured asset data among multiple systems-of-record, enterprise-wide. The system allows you to: 

  • Connect multiple systems of record where your data is stored and used, enterprise-wide
  • Collaborate with your data stakeholders in an SAP environment with tools and workflows to ensure seamless processes across your organization
  • Accelerate acquisition, transformation, and processing of complex asset data
  • Standardize reference models (asset, work, parts) in one central location
  • Advance business rules framework and enterprise-wide data governance best practices
  • Distribute quality master data across your entire EAM enterprise solutions portfolio

Want to see SAP AIW in action? View the on-demand demo below:



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