ASUG Webinar: Olin Corporation and Utopia Global

Thomas Martin | July 25, 2019 | 1 min read

“Come Together, Right Now” How Olin Corporation and Utopia Have Partnered in Olin’s Journey to S/4HANA to Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs, Ensure Data Accuracy and Improve Safety While Combining Legacy and Disparate Systems

Listen to the recent ASUG webinar
where Rene Julien, Material Master Data Manager at Olin Corporation details how Utopia and Olin partnered to achieve:

  • Consistency and accuracy of material master data
  • Reduction of inventory carrying costs and obsolete materials through more efficient spares and parts management
  • Improved material availability
  • Improved safety through more accurate equipment data

View the PPT at your convenience by downloading here

Background:  Founded in 1892, Olin Chemicals is a globally leading chemical company. With operations in over 20 countries, Olin is the number one global supplier of epoxy materials and chlorinated organics and has the world’s largest chlor-alkali capacity. A robust acquisition strategy has driven Olin technology leaders to search for world-class solutions to establish the foundation for a single, global structure that standardizes data retention and naming conventions for Material Masters while unifying historical business systems and data structures. The above webinar details the role that Utopia Global has played in partnering with Olin Corporation in their efforts to implement a digital supply chain on their journey to S/4HANA.

Utopia would like to extend credits to ASUG for their production and original distribution of this webinar and to Rene Julien and Olin management for their active support of this initiative.

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